Eden Myers is an entrepreneur and a "Thinking Into Results" consultant, trained and mentored by Bob Proctor.  She has experienced much success and growth within herself and her own business since having applied the principles taught in this amazing program.

After learning to use the tools that we all possess and multiplying her income, she has become passionate about sharing this with you so you can create the life you truly want.  She'll show you how you can get what you want easier and faster than thought before.

Don't limit your potential!  See what Eden can do for your future starting today.

She says that whatever you want to do, you must first make the decision. Then you must never give up!  You work through the challenges and barriers that appear when building who you are from the inside out.  Her main goal in life was to be a good mother.  I have an innate love for children and believe they all deserve to learn as much as possible to help them understand life as it is here and now.   She teaches children at a young age to have fun creating their life and about the power in leaving others with an impression of increase.

She finds that her involvement in ABWA (American Business Womens Association ) and Toastmasters International has given her strong support for her own self development as well as the opportunity to share with others.
Her goal is to begin and to foster a foundation that teaches young women mindfulness, empathy and resilience.

Eden enjoys an active lifestyle and volunteering in her community.  She's passionate about the arts, especially music and loves living life to its fullest in Pittsburgh, Pa. and Southern Florida with family, friends and associates.

Meet Eden

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