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What is E3Live?

It is an amazing superfood and one of natures most perfect foods which supplies our bodies with the nutrients it needs on a daily basis in a highly absorbable form.

What does it do for you ?

Because it is so nutrient dense and is easily absorbed by the body, it helps to promote a gentle cleanse so that the body can more easily grab a hold of the nutrients present in it and in our food.  Added energy, focus, clarity and a strong immune system are just some of the many benefits reported.

Do you take this, Eden?

Absolutely!  I enjoy it every morning on a nearly empty stomach.  First I drink my lemon and cider vinegar water to begin the digestion process after sleeping and to rehydrate my body.  The E3Live sets me up for the day, guaranteeing that my body gets the proper nutrients to keep me healthy and sustain a strong Immune system.  I have enjoyed this amazing superfood for close to 20 years and don't want to live without it!

What does it taste like?

Everyone has a different description of what it tastes like.  It's high chlorophyll content which is detected by its dark green color is like eating kale or spinach.  You can mix it with a little of your favorite juice, put it in a smoothie for yourself or the kids and the company, E3 Live, even has it available with a little lemon apple concentrate for those who prefer.

Questions for Eden

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Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

A healthy body and a healthy mind go hand in hand.  We can not be one without the other.  Food is medicine both physically and mentally.  When our bodies are functioning at their potential physically, we can more easily tackle life's challenges mentally as well avoiding exhaustion, depression, and a non productive attitude.

If you were stranded on a desert isle and could have only one food with you, this AFA blue green algae is what you would want in your backpack!  Packed with all those amazing nutrients, your body would have the opportunity to experience needed energy, clarity of mind and a strong immune system!

E3 Live